Saturday, April 22, 2023

AI Story Quest - First Look at this interactive, never-ending adventure story AI Bot. #dnd

 Eric and Ryan dive into AI Story Quest. A chat bot role playing software. Link: About it: Customizable Storyteller Prompt You can tell the Storyteller to switch to an AI horror story game, a more lighthearted AI role playing game, or any idea you can think of. You can instruct the AI to be more unforgiving, or to provide more unique options. Furthermore, you can tell the Storyteller exactly what you want it to do in natural language. In addition, you have complete access to customize the Storytellers's prompt. Interactive Storybook For An Immersive Experience It's an AI storytelling game like AI Dungeon. The AI generates interesting choices you can decide on, like an AI choose your own adventure game. Events that happen are automatically drawn for you. Each new chapter is loaded in like a page in a book. Language Support You can speak to the AI in any language, and the AI will tell you a story in the language you choose. For example, type an action in Fran├žais or Portugu├¬s and the AI will continue in your language.


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