Tuesday, August 8, 2023

The BEST 4 Days in Gaming - An Open Letter

Hey Gamers,

It has been a long time since I've generated content for MMG.  GenCon 2022 came with high aspirations for me to put together some post-event coverage of my favorite games, events, and experiences.  I spent the 4 days ping-ponging around with Bowden (Will) and Logicbomb (Eric) doing interviews, demoing games, and meeting literally the best people at the con.  I acquired a stack of games, bought the sound/lighting/video equipment, set up my space to produce -- and then my world changed in a big (good) way.

In October 2022, I welcomed my firstborn son into the world

man slouching on couch with baby lying on his chest.  both asleep.

Being a dad is genuinely the coolest thing I've ever done.  It has been the biggest challenge of my life, the most rewarding, and some of the most intense rule-grinding (read: learning to dad) I've ever done.  But, Boy-howdy did I underestimate the impact that would have on my free time to create.  I phoned in some game coverage, passed off some work to the other guys, and just generally felt like I had let myself (and others) down when it came to MMG.  

So For That... Accept My Apologies.  

Index Finger pressing the rest button on original NES console.


Here's a list of the things I plan to cover in articles and/or videos, in short-order:

  • My Adventures in Diplomacy
  • AEG's Big Game Night!
    • Shake That City
    • Waffle Time
    • Deep Dive
    • Number Drop
  • Danger! The Game
  • Powerglove w/ Forteller
  • New Click Clacks (A quick intro to some new dice)
  • A General Thank You to the GenCon Event Crew
And with that... my commitments made public, expect to see my name pop up a little more.


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