E3 PC Gamer Live Show Coverage #E32020

By maturemindedgamers | Jun 13, 2020

Ryan and Eric Watch the E3 Pc Gamer Show live. We will discuss the games and give our thoughts at the end. #pcgamer #e3 #pcgamershow #gaming #pc

Highlights for me.

Torchlight 3 - Out now on Steam EA.

Everspace 2 - Played the alpha for it and liked it alot. Wish it had MP though.

Dwafheim - Looks like a fun 3 player game. beta out on Steam now.

Ooblets - Nothing new except besides it's supposed to be out this year.

Airborne Kingdom - Looked like Raft in the Sky.

Valheim - Viking Survival - Conan Like.

Twin Mirror - Not my cup of tea but looked well done.

Potionomics - Run a potion shop

Trash Sailors - Looked like Raft and Don't Starve mixed together

The Last Campfire - From Hello Games, looks cute. I trust them after what they did with NMS.

Icarus from Dean Hall comes a space survival game where you go down and craft stone weapons and bows and arrows all while in a space suit. I want to like it but I am worried.