Finger Guns Unboxing

By maturemindedgamers | Feb 12, 2020

We unload Finger Guns at High Noon in our latest unboxing video. Designed by John Velgus and published by Indie Boards and Cards. It's a 3-8 player game that plays in about 20 minutes.

Finger Guns at High Noon is a fast-paced game of strategy, negotiation, and pure hilarity—battle royale style.

Craft your plan, convince the crowd to join in, then count down and draw your finger guns. Hand gestures show everyone’s actions and targets. Eliminate players with pistols, dynamite, and power shots, or stand to the side and lasso up an ally. Last player standing is the winner—unless the ghosts eliminate everyone.

Do you have the fastest draw in the west? Time to put your moxie to the test in Finger Guns at High Noon!

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