Fire! Learn to Play

By maturemindedgamers | Apr 16, 2020

Eric shows you how to play Fire! A game designed by Friedemann Friese and published by Stronghold Games.

Game Description:

The Aliens attack, and only you can defend Earth. Charge your Weapons and destroy all Aliens, before you lose too much energy! Level by level, danger raises ... are you ready to accept the challenges, and win all 9 Levels?

In Fire! you can play either in Solo Mode, playing all 9 Levels on your own, or in Team Mode, fighting cooperatively with a friend against all Aliens!

Fire! uses the Fable Game™ system introduced in Fabled Fruit. With the presorted deck of cards and a rules booklet separated in 9 sections, you will discover all 9 challenging Levels step by step. You can reset the game at any time and play it again!

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