Scythe Modular Board Expansion Unboxing @JameyStegmaier

By maturemindedgamers | Feb 11, 2020

Will and Eric unbox the Scythe Modular Board Expansion by Stonemaier Games.

The Scythe modular board adds a new level of variability to Scythe, with the map (doublesided board and 4 big doublesided tiles) and the faction locations (home base tiles) changing every time you play. The modular board adds a drafting element to set up, along with a variant for a tighter map at low player counts.

This is a completely new board designed specifically for the tiles (which are designed specifically for the new board). Both the board and the tiles are double-sided to maximize variability. When you play Scythe with the modular board, you will not play with any other version of the Scythe board.

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