Temple - Survival Mode

By maturemindedgamers | Dec 21, 2010

Here is a temple that GenRhian and jicrichton made in Minecraft Survival Mode. There is an obsidian and gold alter in the building. Thanks for the gold cap on our building warlordav! We had to build a sand wall and use a ton of torches to keep the mobs away so that we could work at night.

At the start of the video beyond the docks in the water is a massive lighthouse built by iddqd. There is a tree in there that almost fills the entre space. I did not get a chance to get a video of it before the beta hit.

Molvar built the giant statue that is also seen in the water to the right of the lighthouse. There is an impressive lava room in the bowels of that building.

After I turn around and look at the temple from the water, you can see another structure to the right built by logicbomb. He has a water slide that reaches beyond the clouds that you can ride.