The Wizard's Tower - Minecraft Survival Mode

By maturemindedgamers | Jan 09, 2011

Please support us on Patreon - This is a floating wizard tower that I built in Minecraft survival mode. I am attempting to create a story to go with it.


I am studying the old tower in the lands of Molvaria. It is called the Wizard's Tower by the locals and upon first sight of it I would have to agree that something is wizardly about it.

The land and structure have been torn away and are floating unnaturally in the air. There is a constant supply of water flowing magically from the center that cascades over waterfalls to the lake below. This water flows into the hole from where the tower was torn and deep into the earth for a purpose long since unknown.

The ancient scrolls that lead me here suggest that the water in this region was caused by a wizard's crystalline tower which was used in an attempt to quench the fires of the Netherworld. Is this the tower? Does the Netherworld exist?

I will learn its secrets -- J.I. Crichton


I took my boat to the capitol library and scoured through the old dusty records that have been abandoned by time. They are lost to most but not me; I have studied dead languages for this very purpose. I have found some interesting entries that speak of a mining expedition that was lost and of a rescue party lead by King Rasputin Molvar.

The rescue party returned bloodied and missing its king and many members. They gave account of a creature that would silently stalk you and then without warning violent shockwaves would tear through flesh and bone, leaving the dead scattered across the cavern walls.

I wonder if they speak of the Creepers that haunt our lives in the world today? If so, it sounds as thought this may have been the first encounter with them. The records make no mention of zombies, spiders or skeletons. Those vile things would not have been missed if they were there, I wonder why...

I also wonder why the king would risk his life in a rescue expedition?

-J.I. Crichton