WrongWorld - A Sci-fi Survival game that does things a little different -First look

By maturemindedgamers | May 25, 2018

Jumping into WrongWorld your hit with a lovely low poly world with blocky creatures and a vibrant atmosphere. You quickly find out the world is not as friendly as it looks. Starvation and hostile inhabitants are just around the corner, ready to greet you. So far I've found a lot of interesting things to interact with in the two worlds I've started new games in. Some good some bad and some just mysteries. Speaking of the bad, I got teleported to a new world...or perhaps it was the same world just a completely different section of it....still to be determined. Now give it was kind of my fault I know, but who expects a person to not go through a gateway when it's been presented. I figured there would be a way back on the other side, but I was wrong. For $15 it's priced right, especially if you like survival games.